Linear Bearing Y Axis Carriage for ToM

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ToM Y Axis Carriage for Linear bearings LMB6UU (3/8") This is really just a little project that I've been fiddling with over the last few months when I have a moment to spare. Purely for my own enjoyment (yes, I know, I should get out more), but you are welcome to try if you wish. I'm sure there are a whole raft of engineers ready to tell me that this is wrong in so many ways and I look forward to being enlightened by their candid observations and everyone's improvements & modifications. For anyone who'd like to try it, it really is a work-in-progress and although it works quite happily at 50mm/s feed rate, it is not yet what I would consider finished. This version requires an X carriage of its own because I've centred the X pulley. As it sits lower on the rods, it gives you > 126mm on the Z axis, so you'll need to place your HBP very high to stop the Z stage falling off the lead screw. (I'll make it ride higher in the next version which will give the stepper more clearance over the bed as well). I should have moved the Y limit switch but to save any hassle I added a long arm to the centre section that operates it in its current position. I also think the X limit switch should be moved to the side of the carriage to clear the pulley bolt. I ended up using 4 bearings although I started out with 3. The inertia of the motor side is too great for the bearings on the right to stop the carriage twisting, I think I may try moving the motor to the right and go back to 3 in a later version. I also intend to move the bearings closer together and remove more material from the base of the carriage to make it lighter. I'll post some photos of it installed when I get a chance.

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