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I wanted to hack, so I literally hacked the top off my ToM. I assume someone must have done this before, but I can't see one in Thingiverse. There is a plan... ... (hushed tones) I'm going to make the X Carriage run to its full potential i.e. the belt length between the pulleys - approx. 160mm. and the Y carriage run to the front of the machine approx. 130mm. This should give me a build platform of 150 X, 120 Y and 120 Z without much trouble. I'll need to print using PLA so that I don't need all that space heated, but I don't think that will be a problem. I'm afraid all the people who use this in public will need to put HOT warnings on the exposed parts, but it's not as if they were behind glass before. For those of you who don't wish to chop the top off your ToM, you can still use this carriage mod to give you 150 x 80 x 120 prints.

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