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So after I got my printer, I figured I'd make stuff for the desk at my new job. I made a few basic shaped pencil holders at first, which you could find at my thingiverse page, and then I decided to spice it up with this design. The modeling of all my pencil holders are pretty simply, just a repeated spiral pattern. I noticed how cool this looked when experimenting with different spiral cross sections when starting the model. I'd consider this the 2nd stage of designs so maybe I'll have a better one later...

I'd recommend printing at about .25-.3 layer height, concentric layers, lower range of temps, and lower speed to reduce the stringiness cause if it's stringy then you have to removed the strings in the holes. I tried using a lighter to remove the strings, but beware that it can burn the print color. I used PLA because it doesn't really require extra strength and shouldn't experience high temps.

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