Mechanical Adjustable Iphone Stand V2

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Another version of iPhone stand. Each file contains : order - part amount (1x-14x) Layer height - infill - SUPP if needed or BRIM if needed

1- 1x iphone stand left - Layer020 INF20.stl

2- 1x iphone stand right- Layer020 INF20.stl

3- 1x iphone stand holder Layer020 INF20 - SUPP.stl

4- 14x Torx20 Layer010 INF20 BRIM.stl

5- 2x  Torx20 LAyers010 INF20 BRIM.stl

6- 4x  gears LAyer020 INF20.stl

7- 1x movement Layer020 inf020.stl

8- 1x lock small LAyer015 INF20.stl

9- 1x lock layer015 INF20.stl

 For composition you need axles, I use 2mm polished mtb wire. cut lengths: 4x 36mm , 1x 39 mm

How to make:

as picture describes

Design Files

File Size

1-(1x)-iphone stand left - Layer020 INF20.stl
4.69 MB
2-(1x)-iphone stand right- Layer020 INF20.stl
662 KB
9-(1x)-lock layer015 INF20.stl
2.56 MB
7-(1x)-movement Layer020 inf020.stl
1.96 MB
4-(14x)-Torx20 Layer010 INF20 BRIM.stl
605 KB
5-(2x)-Torx20 LAyers010 INF20 BRIM.stl
715 KB
6-(4x)-gears LAyer020 INF20.stl
2.46 MB
8-(1x)-lock small LAyer015 INF20.stl
95.9 KB
3-(1x)-iphone stand holder Layer020 INF20 - SUPP.stl
1.1 MB


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