Mechanical Adjustable Iphone / Ipad Stand

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Mechanical Adjustable Iphone / Ipad Stand

the stand is designed to hold  phone or tablet. I tried the stand for IPAD PRO and IPHONE. Print each piece per piece per file, except the toothed wheel - 2x. For composition you need axes, I use 2mm polished mtb wire. cut lengths: 7mm, 24mm, 28mm, 38mm, 57mm

Right Knob serves as angle change, Left as a lock

How to make:

as picture describes

Design Files

File Size

7-movement toothed wheel big 1x.stl
1.31 MB
8,9-toothed wheel 2x.stl
245 KB
10-gear lock helix movement 1x.stl
4.81 MB
2-gear lock helix lock 1x.stl
2.08 MB
11-big half 1x.stl
524 KB
4-movement handle 1x.stl
1.98 MB
6-gear lock knob 1x.stl
1.94 MB
3-movement toothed wheel small 1x.stl
1.08 MB
1-base 1x.stl
4.57 MB
5-gear lock helix movement small1x.stl
7.89 MB


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