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Got inspiration from all the different 3D printed prosthetic hands and was thinking my conductive TPU rubberlike filament could add a dimension or 2... This dualstrusion will create the finished finger with joints and a force sensitive fingertip. The fingertip has a outer shell that, when pressed, will connect to the inner conductive surface, thus creating a closed circuit. This model is only a quick proof of principle design... and the picture of a full hand is only a visualization of a hand that could be printed in one go... perhaps!? Are you up for the challenge? The smudging of the conductive material resulted in a closed loop at aprox 8.5k and when pressing the tip it goes down to 7.2k Its my first dualstrusion, I used 0.7mm nozzles and I could for sure need to adjust the height of the nozzles and it would be great to have retractable nozzles to get rid of the smudging... I designed the finger in a straight shape but it would be better to print it bent outwards, the TPU material has a problem to bend the finger all the way back after it has been closed lots of times... or change the shape of the joints... 3D printed with ABS and with this conductive TPU material: Follow on Instagram and twitter:

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