army chopper

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assemblable model optimized for FFF/FDM 3D printers

This design is protected under International Law through a "BY-NC-ND: Attribution - non-commercial -no derivatives" Creative Commons License. That means that purchasers cannot distribute or sell, neither the digital design nor the printed items made from the design. Buying this design gives you a non-exclusive agreement to print it in your own printer and for your own use, as given by the license.

The CC License is the default copyright for this design, UNLESS you have a separate business or commercial agreement with me, the copyright author of the design. For commercial inquiries or for commissioned work please contact me by visiting Thank you very much!

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army chopper/pics/Helicopter2-.jpg
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army chopper/pics/3.jpg
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army chopper/pics/2.jpg
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army chopper/pics/1.jpg
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army chopper/2-blades.stl
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army chopper/1-body.stl
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army chopper/3-various.stl
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