This assemblable VW van model is conceived expecially fot FFF/FDM 3dprinters, all files are manifold and watertight, all intersections were created with boolean operations and the model was subdivided in pieces and pre-orientated in the print bed to have the less possible amount of support material.


files 2 and 3 can be substituted by 2a and 3a, which are more easy to print, but do not allow a see-through the upper windows. it's up to you, considering the properties of your printer, to choose which one to use.

Enjoy your printing!

This design is protected under International Law through a "BY-NC-ND: Attribution - non-commercial -no derivatives" Creative Commons License. That means that purchasers cannot distribute or sell, neither the digital design nor the printed items made from the design. Buying this design gives you a non-exclusive agreement to print it in your own printer and for your own use, as given by the license.

The CC License is the default copyright for this design, UNLESS you have a separate business or commercial agreement with me, the copyright author of the design. For commercial inquiries or for commissioned work please contact me by visiting Thank you very much!

Design Files

File Size

VW VAN/9-chromes.stl
1.18 MB
VW VAN/5-interiors.stl
5.87 MB
VW VAN/2a-up L.stl
267 KB
VW VAN/11-white lights.stl
21.8 KB
VW VAN/1-base.stl
8.24 MB
VW VAN/10-tyres.stl
193 KB
VW VAN/12-redlight.stl
54.2 KB
VW VAN/2-up L.stl
16.4 MB
VW VAN/3-up R.stl
16.4 MB
VW VAN/3a-up R.stl
4.35 MB
VW VAN/4-roof.stl
485 KB
VW VAN/6-seats.stl
170 KB
VW VAN/7-steer.stl
1.64 MB
VW VAN/8-rims.stl
602 KB
VW VAN/pics/1.jpg
286 KB
VW VAN/pics/2.jpg
288 KB
VW VAN/pics/3.jpg
236 KB
VW VAN/pics/4.jpg
248 KB
VW VAN/pics/5.jpg
274 KB
VW VAN/pics/6.jpg
296 KB
VW VAN/pics/7.jpg
392 KB


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