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Flavi Lamp is very easy to print and also easy to assemble! It is composed by interlocking pieces.

The lamp measures approximately 40cmx30cm.

I've used black PLA and wood PLA for the inside lampshade.

You need only: 

- E14 Lampholder

- Epoxy glue


1. Print all the pieces with the number of the pieces found in the file name;

2. Interlock all the pieces (as in the picture) with little epoxy glue to fix them;

3. After fix the E14 Lampholder on the 'Insidebody.stl', then insert the 'Insidebody.stl' in the 'Insidelshade.stl';

4. Connect the pieces like in the photos.

Print info: 

Resolution 0.15 - No rafts - No Supports - Infill 40%

P.s.: No supports required because some pieces have already supports, you have to cut them off.

Design Files

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