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I was challenge to came out with a design that could fit full spherical or conical door handles so people can open door without direct skin contact of their hands and use instead the forearm to open and pull doors. Specially during the tough COVID-19 situation this could be seen as a good preventive action.

I hope it can help all the community in general.

Always remember you'll need a left and a right part to install on a complete door. Then just fix them with the back "horseshoe" piece. For fully cylindrical door handles you just need to another type of "horseshoe" part also available from the files (Back_mount_2).

For reference this will fit spherical handles with aprox. 50 to 53mm of diam. and Conical handles from 53 to 48 at their largest diameter. Full cylindrical ones can be fit with diam. of around 50 to 53mm. For all with more than 51mm touching the inner surface of the 3D handle you'll need to cut the 4 small plastic center clips.

Happy printing!

Greetings from Portugal!

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