16-bit Mario (Super Mario World 1990)

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Multi-layer 3D model of Super Mario world Mario in his classic victory pose.

3d modeling started as a passionate hobby that I would use to make decorative things for my room on my DIY 3d printer and has evolved to explore many different types of media.

The process of making the layered Mario was interesting as there was extensive trial and error for creating a noticeable 3D effect in the model while still making the layers small enough to make the model look pleasant.

I would recommend printing at a higher resolution for additional sharpness in the layers however this is by no means required for a beautiful print.

The model can be scaled to fit any size, however, the default dimensions of the model file for sale is 81.8x142.5x10 millimeters

(dimensions can also be found in the image).

If you buy this model comment your opinions please. The comments are intrinsically valuable and make great feedback for future projects

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