immortan Joe cosplay mask


Ready to print IMMORTAN JOE Mad Max Fury Road  Mask 3D model.

The mask is my design and is not approved by the health authorities.

!!! Repaired model. I used to refer mani year ago, but there are many adjustments that are not available except in my file: - filter holes / the places for the holes are not the same /, - the filters are new, - the shape of the nose has changed to be comfortable, - inside everything is different because I did it on a scan of my face and it has nothing to do with masks on the internet, - I made openings for the erasers at the back and changed the whole geometry so it could fit on the face and not break easily when tightened, - the whole mask is viewed from photos and there are many small details and scratches which I have added .

The model has nothing to do with those in the thingiverse.

File formats: OBJ the file is checked: no artifacts, no thin walls and holes. 

The model size can be changed if need.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Design Files

File Size

Immortan Joe Covid (repaired).obj
65 MB


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