Sea Urchin Light

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This sea urchin light makes any room look amazing! To-date I have 3D printed 5 of these for use in my home, replacing standard glass ball ceiling light covers.

A real sea urchin shell was 3D scanned to create this light cover, and the size limited to comfortably fit on a Prusa MK3 3D printer or similar. Depending on the material you print with, you can get different lighting effects (see photos comparing several materials/finishes). Personally, I found that using a Natural PLA (translucent) and lightly spraying the outside with white spray paint provided the best effect; Natural on its own was difficult to see the textures of the shell, although it provided the greatest illumination, while solid white PLA provided a fantastic shadow pattern when the light was on, but was not bright enough to illuminate a room. So, depending what your needs are (illumination vs. decoration), you can choose the appropriate effect.

If you want to use the Sea Urchin Light on a different light fitting, e.g. a lamp, just scale the model to suit your needs.

For a single download fee, you can 3D print as many of these out as you like for your personal use.

Read exactly how this was designed and tested on my blog

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