Latrax Rally Wheels and TPU Tires

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Here you have some Latrax Rally Wheels and Tires.

The Wheels are designed to print with NO SUPPORTS at a .1 or .15 Layer Height. There is a small plastic suporte designed into the face of the wheel that you simply snap off after the print completes. The Stock Rubber is a perfect fit and will glue in place without any issue. I've raced with these and have had no issues with warping or breaking. I did print them in Carbon Filament for the matt.

The TPU Tires will fit on the Stock Wheels or the Printed Wheels.

If you have Multi Color/Material Capabilities, The tires can be printed on the wheels in one piece.

Design Files

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Wheel Spoked Slant Left.stl
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Wheel Spoked Slant Right.stl
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4 Lug Carcus Right.stl
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4 Lug Carcus Left.stl
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