High Offset Beadlock for RC Crawler - TF2

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This is a 3 piece high offset 1.9 beadlock wheel designed to be used on RC crawlers and trail trucks. It uses a standard SLW style hub for mounting. Ideal for use with narrow class 1 size tires such as the PitBull PBX and when paired with narrow SLW hubs like the ones in the link below and a narrow tire, the tire will actually up travel inside the fender well on a TF2 with the Toyota Hilux hard body, (RC4WD TF2 with Mojave Body).

It is recommended to print these with a high durability material for them to last. I have successfully been using these for quite awhile now on my TF2 without failure. I have been using ESUN PLA Pro. I am certain that if printed in a rigid Nylon, or Reinforced Nylon that they would hold up fantastic.

These wheels use M3 Bolts and Nylock Nuts to assemble, 6pcs 8mm button head or socket head bolts per wheel. They are designed to work with an SLW hub that uses 3mm bolts such as the one in the link below. 

SLW Hub - https://amzn.to/2PgnBMH

ESUN PLA Pro - https://amzn.to/2YkWAeS

PitBull PBX 1.9's - https://amzn.to/2PkEkhR

Sources other than Amazon may have better prices, links are intended for reference purposes.

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