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Gobble gobble gobble!

That's turkey for "I love this time of year!" Kieran the Turkey is a bit of a loner among the Chibimals, preferring a warm loft and a library of books. But when the leaves turn golden and the days get shorter, Kieran comes out from his hiding spot and helps everyone get ready for the autumnal feasts, basking in friendship and warmth of the season.

Chibimals are a growing library of kid friendly, whimsical models for your 3D printer. Designed FFF-friendly. Perfect as a test print or just for fun. With soft edges and a huge, useful interior, they are suitable for all ages. You can print chibimals hollow and fill them with beads to make them rattle. You can modify chibimals to be enclosures for your electronics projects. Or you can print the favorite of the loved ones in your life.

Kieran is a part of the upcoming Farm expansion for Chibimals. Find out more at

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