The Defensive Wall


As the last part of the whole assembly of our village is the appropriate fortification. We were looking for the simplest and most economical solution. Maybe some things could be done differently, but for us it's satisfaction enough. The parts are variable and the fortifications can be made into a whole square or a rectangle and only one or two walls. It can be printed in any size and used for various purposes as well as other houses from the assembly. We used PLA material for production. Please be careful not to distinguish between pages. Especially in the corners, so that everything comes out and build on itself.

Parts are printed mostly without support, but somewhere we saw them as a necessary evil for overall relief. For example, at the main gate they were used to support the hinges. But it's up to you where you use them and where you don't. Printed with 0.4 nozzle and 0.20. So enjoyable.

The model comes from the hands of 3D printers and all kinds of production. If you are interested in our profile, check out our site or facebook to find out more about us. We will be glad to have any feedback from our work.

Design Files

File Size

čep a zavora.obj
22.6 KB
hradba jedna prava.obj
161 KB
kridla brany.obj
50.9 KB
ochoz 1 leva.obj
2.88 KB
ochoz 1 prava.obj
2.9 KB
ochoz 2 prava.obj
2.63 KB
ochoz leva roh 1.obj
2.54 KB
ochoz leva roh 2.obj
2.55 KB
ochoz prava roh 1.obj
2.52 KB
ochoz prava roh 2.obj
2.55 KB
podpora ochozu.obj
27.9 KB
rovne sloupy.obj
17.5 KB
4.05 KB
sloup druha strana.obj
16 KB
sloup jeden roh.obj
17 KB
spodek leva roh 1.obj
4.6 KB
spodek prava roh 2.obj
4.62 KB
spodek prava rok 1.obj
4.55 KB
spodek roh 2.obj
4.64 KB
spodni dil leva.obj
4.65 KB
spodni dil prava.obj
4.63 KB
spojka vrch.obj
796 Bytes
vstupni brana.obj
344 KB
50.3 KB


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