Simucube 2 Sport/Pro Power Supply Mounts

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I designed some mounts to attach the dual Simucube power supply units that came with my SC2 Pro.  I understand that the sport comes with just one power supply and it's the same type, so these mounts should work there too.

There are two files, one for the "top" of the power supply which has the small blue light and permanently attached cord that goes to the wheel base.  The other is for the "bottom" where the AC power comes into.  

I'm new to designing 3D models; I haven't figured out a great way to print this without a good amount of support.  Luckily I have a dual extrusion Ultimaker and printed the support with PVA (water soluble).  

You need to print both files to support one power supply, print two copies of each if you have a Pro and need to support two. 

The mount is designed with M8 screws in mind (I mount it on my SimLabs P1 which is made of 80/20 profile Series 40). You can mount it horizontally or vertically depending on your needs.

Printed with:

Ultimaker S5 using Ultimaker Tough PLA Black

Layer height is 0.1mm, maybe you could go higher to print faster.  Wall width is 4 layers, infill is 20% gyroid, there isn't much infill happening to tell the truth, so this probably doesn't matter much.

It took 2.25 days to print all four pieces simultaneously.

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