HRSims Xero-Play Quick Release Mounting Solution

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Hybrid Racing Simulation makes the amazing Xero-Play Quick Release for direct drive sim racing wheels ( If you have several wheels and need a way to store the spares, this is the print for you. It allows you to mount a streering wheel that has the wheel side spigot attached. The mount is designed with M8 screws in mind (I mount it on my 80/20 profile). You can mount it horizontally or vertically depending on your needs.

The channel for the spigot is angled at 5% so that the spigot doesn't fall out easily. Make sure to mount with the short side of the trapezoid facing up. If you put the long side up when mounting the spigot will fall right out.

Printed with:

Ultimaker S5 using Ultimaker Tough PLA Green

Wall width is 4 layers, infill is 20% gyroid, it may be overkill in terms of strength, but I wanted to make sure heavy wheels stay secure

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