EEW Nano Louet Style Bobbin


This is a remix of mribble's excellent EEW Nano Bobbin's with Louet Style shafts.

In addition to the bobbin ends, there are two shafts in this Thing, one fits the 3D printed ends, the other is for the original moulded plastic ones that come with the EEW Nano. They have a very small (but significant enough) size difference.

  • EEW Nano Louet Style Full 3D Bobbin - eew_nano_bobbin_louet_tube_3D v2.stl
  • EEW Nano Louet Style Bobbin Shaft (To Fit Original Bobbin Ends) - eew_nano_bobbin_louet_tube_original v6.stl

If you just want to replace the shafts of the original bobbins that came with your EEW Nano, just print as many of the eew_nano_bobbin_louet_tube_original v6.stl file as you have bobbins.

If you want to 3D print the entire bobbin, you will need two of the end disks for each bobbin, as well as a shaft. Depending on how well your printer has been calibrated, you may need to either print 2 of the tight ones, or two of the loose ones, in addition to one of the eew_nano_bobbin_louet_tube_3D v2.stl.

The two disk files are unmodified versions of the EEW Nano Bobbin by mribble.

The shafts were designed in Autodesk Fusion 360.

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