Creality CR-10 Direct Drive Extruder Mount (Bondtech)


A custom design for Bondtech Dual Drive to mount directly on the E3D V6 hotend.

I wanted to design a mount what use nuts for the assemly to avoid any problem and the extruder is directly mounted on the hotend so there can't be any problem with the extrusion. The part cooling fan can be set to the lenght of the extruder (Vulcano or standard).

You can order STANDALONE PARTSKITS or FULLY ASSEMBLED products . If you are interested please fill my form and contact me at [email protected]

You need this:

  • -2x M3x5 screw
  • -6x M3x30 screw
  • -4x M3x60 screw
  • -10x M3 nut
  • -1x 5015 Blower style fan
  • -1x 40x40x10mm fan

This design is still work in progress. If you find anything please drop me a comment. :)

Design Files

File Size

DD Holder Front.stl
264 KB
Cable Management for NEMA 17 Holes.stl
96.5 KB
DD Holder Back.stl
273 KB
Fan Shroud.stl
705 KB


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