Earthworm Jim


We loved Pachyys model but found that it had some minor issues, so we took the task to fix those and make it by parts so everyone can enjoy it on any kind of technology, be it FDM or SLA.

You can see the original on this link:

Design Files

File Size

Tanga PR.OBJ
2.41 MB
5.42 MB
5.28 MB
Cabeza PR.OBJ
5.39 MB
Cabeza2 PR.OBJ
5.29 MB
Cuerpo PR2.OBJ
5.39 MB
Mochila PR.OBJ
1.38 MB
PiernaD PR.OBJ
4.76 MB
PiernaI PR.OBJ
4.75 MB
Porta Arma PR.OBJ
1.4 MB
Roca_parte1 PR.OBJ
5.47 MB
Roca_parte2 PR.OBJ
5.42 MB


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