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Summary This puzzle was my entry for the 2011 IPP Puzzle Design competition in Berlin where it was a Jury 1st Prize winner. "Two open-ended Superstrings with the correct spin can be merged into a super-symmetrical cube." The idea for this puzzle emerged when I was designing shapes based on two interlocked tetrahedra. Inspired by ideas from 'string theory' and 'super-symmetry', I began to search for shapes that were both symmetrical and as similar as possible. The two pieces may look similar but they are very slightly different. Print Settings Printer: Mendel90 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 mm Infill: 30 Notes: The competition entry was printed in nylon by Shapeways and is still available to purchase on their site - With good support material settings it is also possible to print this on an FDM printer at home. Post-Printing Taking the two pieces apart is not too difficult; reassembling them back into a cube can be more challenging. Hold one of the pieces still; move the other piece through the correct sequence of lateral and rotational moves. The solution document can be found in ThingFiles.

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