Farmhouse Two


Detached house with turret, divided room and of course with playpen. This is another house in your village that you can build with us. Great for a show, or for the kids to play. It fits in size with the concept of other houses in the series. However, you can customize your size.

 Printed on FDM printer. Two perimeters set without support. Used brown, black and gold PLA. The layer height was 0.2 and the nozzle 0.4. Nothing is stuck or screwed. Simple and fast production. Have fun!

The model comes from the hands of 3D printers and all kinds of production. If you are interested in our profile, check out our site or facebook to find out more about us. We will be glad to have any feedback from our work.

Design Files

File Size

cast veze.obj
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dum ohrada.obj
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15.4 KB
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steny domu.obj
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1.08 MB
vnitrni stena.obj
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zadni cast veze.obj
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