Commander's house


Commander's house

Every proper village has own boss. Even ours deserve it and this boss must live somewhere. That is why we created this larger and more luxurious house, which must not be missing in our collection. It is a house composed of a large hall with a stove, several tables and understandable thrones. Another room is designed solely for the commander's needs.

In order to defend his house effectively, it is possible to use a flat roof from which the house can be defended. So do not hesitate and try this our model. How big you create it is up to you. It depends on everyone's needs.

We used several colors for printing, but the material is always PLA. Support was applied to the main part because of the displacements made for the door. Printed with nozzle 0.4 and layer 0.2. Everything prints beautifully. So please. Have fun.

The model comes from the hands of 3D printers and all kinds of production. If you are interested in our profile, check out our site or facebook to find out more about us. We will be glad to have any feedback from our work.

Design Files

File Size

dum velitele zebrik.obj
6.45 KB
dum velitele dvere.obj
33.9 KB
dum velitele stul.obj
22.7 KB
dum velitele postel.obj
49.4 KB
dum velitele ohrada.obj
54.3 KB
dum velitele vyhen.obj
807 Bytes
dum velitele vnitrni stena.obj
93.7 KB
dum velitele trun.obj
78.6 KB
dum velitele strecha.obj
4.08 KB
dum velitele police.obj
9.34 KB
dum velitele podstava.obj
25.8 KB
dum velitele podstava trunu.obj
808 Bytes
dum velitele obvodove steny.obj
2.55 MB


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