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This Lightsaber has a removable collapsing blade that can be printed separately in a different color. The hilt is designed with a screw on cap which allows the blade to be inserted after its printed.

The hilt is 209mm long with the cap installed but it expands to over 950mm in total length with the collapsing blade installed!

The Lightsaber is designed to be printed with a ,4mm nozzle, so the blade will be two shells thick. I had weird issues with blobs and zits at retraction which I normally don't have until I turned on "wipe" and "coast". I think this is a result of the thin walls with a narrow amount of clearance between the blade segments. Every printer is different but I had good luck with .15mm coast and 3mm wipe, on my MK3.

If you are printing the blade with translucent filament there is no way getting around the seams. I created files for separate blade segments to be printed in vase mode .85mm thick. I used a .8mm nozzle from Filastruder with .5mm layer heights but I am told that a .4mm nozzle set to a .85mm extrusion width will also work.

There is a file named "test print". If this works, you shouldn't have a issue. If it fuses together, I would suggest adjusting your cost, wipe, or extrusion multiplier settings.

***6/1/19 I added a new hilt with thicker walls for those who had trouble with it breaking. It's two walls thicker so just make sure your slicer is set on 4 walls if using a .4 nozzle.

****6/6/19 I have included a blank template of the lightsaber in a "STL" as well as a "STP" file so you can make you own designs! Please post a remix so I can make one too! :-)

Additional Collapsing Swords: Pirate Sword Broadsword Katana Dagger Lightsaber (Print in Place) Sith Lightsaber (removeable blade) I have some more ideas, hopefully coming soon...

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