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This is a puzzle in the form of a Lotus Flower. :-)

It is build up from the base(.stl) by stacking the leaves on top of it.

A harder option is to use base OPTION2 partA as a start. With this option 2 its much harder to assemble the Flower because the leaves 7 have noting to rest on but must be kept in place by the weight of the other leaves.

Do you want the easy and the difficult option? Then just print base OPTION2 partB ass an extra addition to you puzzle :-). See the included screen shot for a better impression.

Of each leave you should print six.

In this screen shot leaves 2, leaves 3 and leaves 4 are depicted in red and white.

Leaves 1 are white and leaves 5 red. Leaves 6 & 7 are depicted in green.

That makes 43 peaces to make the puzzle.

Also there is an base OPTION3 & base OPTION4 for the DIY people :-)

These bases have wiring holes. You could make this Model into a Lamp by making the Leaves in Translucent material.

This Model is FDM printer tested with an 0.4mm Nozzle and 2mm resolution without support material at 100% size. I did use a Brim for leave7.stl but it was not necessary after all (in my case) It works but with this Nozzle size the smallest you can go. If you have a bigger nozzle its recommended to scale up the model a bit. If you want to scale down the model its better to use a smaller Nozzle size. The size of the completely assembled Model is 213,248mm x 219,394 mm and 107,933mm high

Feel free to ask questions or Comment in case I forgot something :-)

Design Files

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12.1 MB
10.3 MB OPTION2 partA.stl
9.12 MB
9.76 MB
8.32 MB
16.2 MB OPTION4 with wiring hole.stl
17.4 MB OPTION3 with wiring hole partA.stl
10.2 MB OPTION2 partB.stl
6.1 MB OPTION3 with wiring hole partB.stl
6.29 MB
13.1 MB
2.92 MB
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