PCIe Riser Locking Clip, fits Asrock H110, H81 and other MBs

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PCIe Riser Card Locking Clip

Mining Rig Accessories Fits Asrock H110, Asrock H81, Asus, and most other MBs Works with Asrock H110 PCIe Slots and any other PCIe 1x or 16x Slot

These PCIe riser locking clips are specifically designed for the closely spaced Asrock H110 PCIe slots.These motherboards have virtually no clearance between the PCIe slots. So I designed these from scratch for this MB, but they will work with any PCIe slot.

Secure your riser adapter and minimize the effects of loose connections and adapters popping out of the slots. While these will not cure bad risers (common) they will certainly make the connection stable.

These are a must-have for Crypto Mining Rigs, as downtime is money lost.

Simple to install and remove. Reusable. Maybe be installed during rig build or on a completed rig that has access to the PCIe slots. Install/Remove video available by request.

Check our eBay customer feedback: "Beautiful parts - delivered really fast!" "Got them really fast!!! Used them on ASUS mining mobo and they worked perfectly" "Top seller, fast shipment..." "2nd pack I ordered. Works PERFECTLY!!! Thank you"

Notes: Please Read Designed around the MintCell riser with vertical USB connector. Ver006 and Ver007 If there are capacitors very close to the PCI-E slots, you may not be able to install these.

Printed clips may be purchased here; www.ebay.com/itm/22295918124

It is the buyer's responsibility to determine if this item meets their needs for its intended use.

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