Drill to Filament Spool / Reel Adapter

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Need to transfer filament from one reel to another for a friend? Want to split your filament onto another reel for a second printer? Then the Drill to Filament Reel Adapter is for you! Not sold in any store this adapter fits directly on the end of your power drill (supports multiple sizes) and then inserts directly into your spool (also supporting multiple sizes).

I designed this after watching Angus' YT Video use a piece of foam in one of his recent videos. I also wanted to share some filament with a friend and this works perfectly.

I printed this in TPU and I suggest you do the same. The TPU grips better than traditional PLA will. Here is the link to the filament I used.

Since this is round if you don't have extrusion issues you can print this safely at 60-80mm/s I personally printed it at 80mm/s on my Ender 3 perfectly.

You can watch the YouTube on this as well

Need more help building this? Want to discuss it? I can be found on my public discord chat server. Glad to answer any questions you have.


If you have suggestions for me to build please message me. I'm always looking to build something exciting and new. You can message me here on Thingiverse or contact me through My Blog or my Youtube Channel

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