Chess set storage and transport cases

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These cases are a storage and transport solution for my 3D printed Dubrovnik-style chess set.

You can buy the STL files for the chess pieces here.

This download includes the files for the three cases and lids.

All the pawns fit in one box, and the rest of the large pieces fit into two specially designed boxes with offset floors so that their tops are level. A felt-lined lid presses onto the tops of the pieces and is held in place by rubber-bands. This way the pieces are secured and do not rattle or move around inside the case during transport. The bases are embossed with the symbols for each piece to enable correct placement. Parallel tabs on the lids and bases keep the rubber-bands aligned.

Print onto a glass bed to achieve a glossy top for your lids.

Cut squares of felt to fit inside the lids and glue them in place with PVA glue. This allows the pieces to be secured by pressure from the lid. Use elastic bands wrapped around the tabs on the lids and bases to secure the lids.

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