Dubrovnik Style Chess Set

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In 1950 the 9th Chess Olympiad was held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia and a modern, original chess set was designed for the tournament. Only 50 sets were made and they are now so rare that it is impossible to buy an original one. Read more about the history of the Dubrovnik set here.

Redesigned for 3D Printing

This new set is inspired by the original Dubrovnik design, but updated and improved for 3D printing. Overhangs on the collars have been replaced with elegant curves that allow the pieces to be printed without supports. Only the knight requires some small supports under the mouth. The bases are hollow to decrease print-time and also to allow weights to be added.

Tournament size

When printed at 100% your pieces are ideal for tournament size chess boards with squares of 5cm or larger but the set can easily be re-scaled to fit any chess board. 

A distinctive feature of the Dubrovnik design is the opposite colored finials on the bishops. In an attempt to modernize the appearance of the chess pieces, religious symbols were removed - the king has a sphere on his crown instead of a cross, and the bishops do not have the traditional split mitre hats. The colored finials make the bishops easier to distinguish. The bishops in this set are provided in two versions - one complete bishop allowing you to paint or stain the color by hand, and a version where the finials can be printed separately in a different material and glued in place.

Test it on your printer now for free!

The first few pages of the assembly guide containing the print settings are available here for free so you can try printing the king and pawn right away. When you purchase this set you receive all the STL files and a full print and assembly guide showing you how to finish your pieces like the ones in the photos. Download the king and pawn STL files here.

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