Ankle Sock Organizer


This is an ankle sock holder much like the paper inserts when they are first bought. This will help keep those socks from stretching/shrinking and keep them organized all at the same time.

This was designed based off the paper holder that come with socks with first bought. I made some design choices that will reduce the amount of filament needed and make the success rate of this print as high as possible.

===I printed the with the following settings: [Anycubic I3 Mega]===

Layer Height: 0.3mm

Top Layers: 3

Bottom Layers: 3

Perimeter Outlines[shells]: 3

Infill %: 10

Infill Pattern: Triangle


*These settings are good for fast prints. I set my printing speed at 100 mm/s. This isn't good for everyone so do as your printer allows. 

*If your printer bed has trouble with prints sticking to the bed, consider using a raft for this one. Since there is a lot of movement in this print, being that it is almost 8" long, variations in temperature of the print layers can cause lifting from the bed. 

Design Files

File Size

sock holder.stl
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