Helmet Code Geass Zero

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Helmet inspired by Code Geass Zero, with support for thermoforming visor (still in process, I'm building homemade thermoformer.

Design Files

File Size

Visor R1.STL
367 KB
20.6 MB
Back Center R.STL
183 KB
1.72 MB
Top L1.STL
1.01 MB
Top L2.STL
641 KB
Top R1.STL
1.01 MB
Top R2.STL
644 KB
Left 1.STL
2.91 MB
Left 2.STL
4.33 MB
Right 1.STL
2.91 MB
Right 2.STL
4.33 MB
Center L1.STL
1.39 MB
Center L2.STL
635 KB
Center R1.STL
1.39 MB
Centrer L2.STL
635 KB
Back top L.STL
251 KB
Back top R.STL
251 KB
Back Center L.STL
182 KB
Back Botton L.STL
499 KB
Back Botton R.STL
499 KB
Visor L1.STL
367 KB
Visor L2.STL
303 KB
Visor R2.STL
304 KB
Full Back.STL
1.68 MB
44.1 MB


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