Coin Squeeze Magic Trick

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This is a cool magic trick where a quarter appears to go through a solid plastic disk. It is very easy to set up and all you need is this, and 6 (or any number greater than 3 and less than 8) quarters. This is based on the Trickmaster Magic Brass Coin Squeeze on Amazon

SETUP: Put a quarter in the slot on the disk and push it in until it is in the center. This is not necessary but it adds more weight and makes it function better. Put the plastic disk inside either one of the 2 holders. It should only fit in one way. Then, put the the other holder on top. The two holders should fit together tightly but the disk should be able to move a little bit. Put the quarters that aren't in the device into your pocket. Now you are ready to perform the magic.

PERFORMING THE TRICK: Let the audience inspect all the parts of the trick and tell them that the quarter inside the middle disk is just for an extra layer that the quarters have to go through. Show them that the quarter cannot come out while inside the device and nothing can go through the  middle disk. Take the quarters out of you pocket and pour the quarters into one side of the device and pour them out again without letting the audience see how many quarters there are. One quarter should get stuck inside. Set the device down with the side with the hidden quarter facing down. Put the remaining quarters in the top and let the audience see how many there are. Lightly shake the device and tap it. The bottom quarter should fall and it will look like it passed through the middle disk. After that, pour the quarters out into your hand and the bottom quarter should get stuck. Put the device down with the hidden quarter facing down and repeat if necessary.

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