Freewing T-45 POD Action


Hello for the T-45 I have created a POD with pylon. I printed the parts with a Dremel 3D40 with PLA. As slicer software I use Simplify3d. 0.2 layer height. The POD is in three parts. For the front I have provided a bond, behind it is to screw. Maybe someone wants to use the interior space for something. The thread is cleanly cleaned, it will only go easier after several times and screw.

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Design Files

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T-45 Pylon Rumpf (1).stl
2.4 MB
T-45 POD vorne (1).stl
3.17 MB
T-45 POD Mittelteil.stl
593 KB
T-45 POD hinten.stl
2.92 MB


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