Universal Laptop Stand

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Universal Laptop Stand, why buy it if you can print it. 

I Printed this unit with following settings: 

1) 0.2mm Layer 

2) 200deg Nozzle 60deg Bed 

3) 1.2mm wall thickness 

4) 20% infill 

5) I added sufficient clearance between slot features, but a light sanding and fitting might be necessary if parts do not slide easily in position.   

If you like the design and you find value in it please feel free to TIP me. :))) Thank you 

Design Files

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Laptop Pivot Base .STL
5.88 MB
Pivot Shaft .STL
113 KB
Base Rear Brace.STL
3.1 MB
Laptop Back Brace.STL
1.82 MB
Base Unit .STL
6.27 MB
Pivot Brkt.STL
170 KB
Pivot Brace.STL
3.97 MB
Pivit End Cap.STL
5.22 MB


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