Marble Run Building Brick - Set STARTER


Discover the Basic Kit of Marble Run Building Bricks here

We are working on LEGO®-compatible Marble Run Building Bricks for up to 12 mm balls.  Because sometimes it helps to have a few specialty parts for  curves, gentle slopes and smooth transitions.

Our STL-files are a little bit larger, because you get high quality and high resolution STL-files to get a perfect printing result. Also, we regard the tolerances of the 3d printing process in our 3D STL-models. So please print the models with the recommended print settings.

The INITIAL LAYER HEIGHT is very important! Check your printer nozzle calibration!

Slicer: Cura Material: PLA, Nozzle: 0.4mm, Layer: 0.15mm, Initial Layer: 0.175mm, Infill: 15% WallThickness: 0.8mm, TopThickness: 0.6mm  --> 4 layers, BottomThickness: 0.6mm  --> 4 layers Fill Gaps Between Walls: Nowhere, Filter Out Tiny Gaps: Yes, Optimize Wall Print Order: Yes

Some Bricks, like looping need: use adaptive Layer: Yes, layer variation: 0.5 --> layer 0.05 to 0.15mm

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