This is a simple earring holder design I came up with for a friend. There are two designs, the main holder and lower tray are simple single piece prints. The upper, mid and lower body are a more modular design in case you need more or less. These are located with 1/8" dowel pins ~1/4" long and is glued together.  I found a .3 MM nozzle worked better than a  .4 when printing this, but a  .4 will get the job done. Just make sure to watch your number of retractions! Also, you will need some small head nails to hold the unit up to the wall.

For mounting the center holes are 7.75" apart. 

Check out the video on it here:

Design Files

File Size

Lower Tray.stl
327 KB
Main Holder.stl
888 KB
lower body.stl
401 KB
middle body.stl
388 KB
upper body.stl
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