Halloween lantern by Moment 3D

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This design was designed without the need for glue during assembly. Center piece is intent to be replaced with custom designs. Please see print setting below:

Layer height: 100 micron Infill: 50% Perimeter: 2

Base diameter of the center piece is 2.65" x 2.65". For best result, use clear resin if you have access to SLA printer, but if not clear filament would also do the trick.

Happy Halloween!

LED light used for this model is below


Design Files

File Size

Side Panel 4.stl
564 KB
Base Bottom.stl
16.7 KB
277 KB
Lantern Handle.stl
1010 KB
Pumpkin head 2.65.stl
7.15 MB
Side Panel 1.stl
1.88 MB
Side Panel 2.stl
83.1 KB
Side Panel 3.stl
6.64 MB
Lantern Lid.stl
263 KB


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