Two-Wheeled Rover

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This is a remote control vehicle, powered by a LiPo battery and two 730 RPM gearmotors from Servocity (#638260).  The wheels and structure are all printed without support, and are held together with #10 hardware (the gears attached directly to the motors are an exception, and use 8-32 screws).  The wheels are driven by gears from the motors, and are constrained by the Motor-Wheel Clamps with a clearance of 1 mm for clean rotation with aligned layer lines.

Printed Parts required:

  • x1 Battery Housing
  • x1 Controller-Reciever Housing
  • x2 Hub Mounted Gear
  • x2 Wheel
  • x2 Motor-Wheel Clamp
  • x2 Motor-Wheel Clamp Mirror

Non-printed Parts required:

  • 2x5 Sabertooth Motor Controller
  • LiPo Batter (7 cell used as shown)
  • RC controller/receiver (Standard for RC planes)
  • x6 #10 Screws, 1.5 inch
  • x8 #10 Screws, 0.75 inch
  • x8 #10 Screws, 0.5 inch
  • x22 #10 Nuts, any type

Design Files

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Single Wheel Module - Motor-Wheel Clamp Mirror.stl
111 KB
Single Wheel Module - Hub Mounted Gear.stl
150 KB
Control Tray - Controller-Receiver Housing.stl
276 KB
Control Tray - Battery Housing.stl
76 KB
Single Wheel Module - Wheel.stl
234 KB
Single Wheel Module - Motor-Wheel Clamp.stl
111 KB


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