Microgravity Playing Card Case


This design is a holder and dispenser of standard size playing cards.  In traveling, playing cards are often overlooked as a source of entertainment.  They are compact and highly versatile, able to be used for many different games, such as gin rummy, blackjack, and solitaire, just to name a few.  As a result, they are both highly entertaining and exceptional as an icebreaker.  In space, however, gravity is not present to hold the deck down and together.  This contraption solves that problem.  Consisting of one outer case and a blank, this design holds together a deck for easy storage and drawing.  

In total you will need:

  • x1 Case; this is required.
  • x1 Blank; this is not required, though recommended to avoid damage to the cards and to improve card feeding when the deck starts to run low.
  • A few rubber bands; these are required.  One or two moderately weak bands is sufficient in normal gravity; one should do the trick in microgravity, though two certainly wouldn't hurt.

Assembly is simple; place the deck into the case such that the backing of the outermost card is against the cross on one side of the part.  If desired, place the Deck Feed part over the entirely exposed side of the deck.  Take the rubber band(s) and loop them around the center of the case.  They should settle into the slots on the side of the case, pressing the deck against the top of the case.  If any of this is unclear, the images in the gallery should clear up any issues.  The cards should be able to be drawn with relative ease out of the case, sliding out above the angled cuts.  Velcro may be attached as desired.

Note: Orientation in this print is important.  The Case part should be oriented so that the cross is on the build plate.  This allows the angled sections to be at a 60 degree angle from the build plate.  This MUST be done, or else the print will require supports.

Print Settings:

  • Supports: Off
  • Raft/Brim: Recommended, but not required
  • Fill Density: 20%
  • Shell thickness: 0.8 mm

EDIT: 1/12/17

This design does accommodate Magic: The Gathering Cards.

Design Files

File Size

Micro Gravity Holder V1 - Case.stl
57.7 KB
Micro Gravity Holder V1 - Deck Feed.stl
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