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This is a cylindrical earbud case with an overall diameter of 97 mm and a thickness of 29 mm.  The case is comprised of 2 different parts: the male half and the female half.  The pieces screw together with the custom threads, located at the center of the cylinder.  There are three threads, each of which are identical.  The threads rotate a total of 0.6 revolutions, and have a clearance of 1 mm for free rotation.

The internal cavity has a maximum diameter of 85 mm and a minimum diameter 35 mm, with a depth of 22 mm.  It was originally sized for a pair of wireless earbuds, but will fit most pairs of earbuds.

When screwed together completely, the outside cylindrical faces of each part should be flush with each other.  The threaded rod of the male half should be very close to flush with the back of the female half, perhaps protruding a millimeter.  The contents will be unable to slip out without completely disassembling the case, as the rims of both parts overlap 14 mm with 1mm of clearance between them.

The parts shown were printed with a 0.7 mm nozzle at 0.4 mm layer height in Solutech Gold PLA.  All parts can be printed without supports.  Relatively high shell counts recommended to prevent damage.

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Donut-Style Case - Male Half.stl
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