3mm Scale Residential Buildings

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This includes multiple .STL files for 3mm scale homes and a fire station. The house is 15.39mm tall x 16mm x 22.5mm. The victorian house 1 is 18.25mm tall x 21mm x 32.74mm. The victorian house 2 is 16.5mm tall x 15.75mm x 33.5mm. The manor house 1 is 17mm tall x 16.5mm x 19mm. The fire station is 20.75mm tall x 28.76mm x 33.75mm.

Design Files

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3mm Victorian Home 1.stl
47.2 KB
3mm House.stl
60.5 KB
3mm Firestation.stl
151 KB
3mm Manor House 1.stl
30.7 KB
3mm Victorian House 2.stl
75.9 KB


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