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Stylish cell vases that are specifically designed for in-house planting and decoration. There are two files in this design, the open design can be used as a decorative model while the closed one can serve as both a decoration or planter. The designs have small escape holes so that excess water can leave the vase.

Printing Tips (FDM):

In order to print this design successfully you may have to enable Z-hop for FDM 3D printers. You machine has to be highly calibrated to be able to produce good finish. "Detour Factor" is also a powerful setting that you may consider enabling when using Simplify3D.

The models in the pictures were made using Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D printer. I have also experimented with FDM and it works just fine but the prints don't have the shiny clean finish that you would get with SLA 3D printers. It is also good to note that these models typically print faster on SLA machines in comparison with FDM due to the complex geometry.

If you like these prints, please consider liking and commenting. If you print and use them, make sure to share your work! I'd love to see what you do with these models! 

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