Collapsible Bi-Pod for paintball gun or air gun


I designed a 3D printable bi-pod system to go on my tip-man paintball gun. However this bi-pod will fit most barrels with its adjustable barrel clamp. 

To assemble you will need 1/2 inch tubing (preferred to be flexible), 6 #10 UNC24 nuts, 4 #10 UNC 1/2 Inch bolts, and 2 #10 UNC 1Inch bolts. Also to minimize turning of the bi-pod use electrical tape around the area of the barrel before clamping on the bi-pod. if you have issues with the bipod legs comind undone use thread lock in the bolts for the legs to the clamp. 

Have fun

Design Files

File Size

bipod body.stl
72.3 KB
bipod feet 2.stl
76.3 KB
bipod leg stand.stl
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