SummaryAn angled foregrip that attaches to any picatinny/1913 rail. Works for air soft, bb guns or the real scary black ones. I added a curved version so you can pick whichever you like better. Edit: Curved version with the grip 1" wide is added. Edit 2: Added a step file of just the base if you want to design off of it.InstructionsPrint with ABS at 1:1 scale. I used 30% infill with it fully supported. Printing it on its side with support seems to work better for the finger serrations. The clamp section is 3" long with clearance for two 8-32 x 1.25" SHCS with 8-32 nuts to clamp it to a picatinny. The grip is on a 20° slant and it is about 4-5/8" x 2-1/2" x 1-3/8 at the rail clamp (3/4" wide on the grip). The length on the grip is 3-1/2" between stops with a boss in the center.

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