Charge Station for up to 5 mobile devices

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Charge Station for up to 5 mobile devices using RAVpower 60W charger

A charge station that will help keep things tidy when charging multiple mobile devices. It can hold up to 5 devices and there is an option to allow a fitness watch/band charge clip (only tested with Fitbit Ace) There are small and large partitions to allow for either phone or tablet.

It is designed to the take a RAVpower 60-Watt charger (102 x 70 x 30 mm) normally available from Amazon.  It also needs 10pcs of  M3 screws 8 - 10 mm in length with M3 nuts.

Prints without supports. Partitions with the pocket for a fitbit clip need to be printed vertically.

The pocket that holds the Fitbit clip was originally made for a Fitbit Ace but I have included a file for a larger pocket that should take a Fitbit Charge2 clip (20-22 mm wide)

If charging a tablet, print one of the larger partitions for the tablet to lean against and if the tablet is large, you may want to leave out one of the partitions.

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