Office Business Card Holder


  • This product was designed to hold the cards with more support from the back and hold them upright as well. That way the cards can easily be visible for reference since they are standing and not flat and also this allows the user to pick them up easier and quicker as well.

  • Instructions for 3d Printing: 

  • 1. First make sure you have your file in the correct measurement (inches)

  • 2. Then upload the file to a usb and plug it into you 3d printer, if you have a wireless 3d printer then you can send the file over to the printer without a usb drive.

  • 3. Before starting your print follow your printer's instructions for unloading an reloading the filament. For a makerbot replicator unload the filament by pulling up the slot and pressing on the lock. Then press on the spool lock to release the spool, but make sure before unwinding the line of filament that you have a good grip on the line and wrap it on the spool. Make sure to lock the line in the line slots on the spool before storage, and then install the spool of the color of filament you want to use and push the filament line into the tube that extends into the extruder. Load the filament into the extruder make sure it is heated to the required temperature and push the filament into the slot on the top of the extruder. Once the filament line catches and the extruder changes color you can start to print.

Design Files

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