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I was going for something that can store different things in one space but sepated using compartments and using shapes(triangle,circle.pentagon and squire) to differentiate the compartments.This design can be usefull for storing some spices,bolts,screw,nuts.the files i have provided are at (diameter 128 and height 60mm) which is 40% of the original designed can rescale them as you want according  to your printer size.on the files you will find all the shells(cylindrical middle part) with patterns shown in the images.ENJOY!

The scale i designed with is (diameter 300mm and 150mm height) which is very big for regular printers so when you print rescale in the slicer software all the parts between 40% - 70% depending on your printers bed size

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bottom cover.STL
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shell(circles patterns).STL
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shell(hexagonal patterns).STL
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shell(wavey patterns).STL
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top cover.STL
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