Birdbone ABS1-4DC 180mm Mini-Quad Frame

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5/6/19 Update:  Added full-size (28mm) FPV cam mount.  Renamed cam mount files (Micro/Mini/Full).

10/08/18 Update:  File, "Birdbone ABS1-4DC M3 Large Motor Arms v1.0 100818.stl" added - this is a version of the frame for larger motors with M3 bolts.  File, "Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side Caddx Turbo v1.1 100218.stl" added - this is for use the Caddx Turbo cam.

9/30/18 Update:  Betaflight CLI dump added if you need some PIDs to start with (not optimal, but it's working for me).

9/23/18 Update:  File, "Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side Hex v1.0 092218" replaced by "Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side Hex v1.0 092318" (the 092218 version mistakenly had a round hole instead of a hexagonal hole).

9/22/18 Update:  A new U.FL antenna mount is now available.  Lay the antenna wire in the channel, and zip tie it tight (see pic).  The zip tie acts as a strain relief.  Both the antenna mount and the cam mount are now available in three version for different types of standoffs (5mm, 6.1mm, and hexagonal).  Preferred material is dry Sainsmart TPU with no support.   My nozzle is .4mm, so I set extrusion width to .5mm, .2mm layers, and travel speed is 20mm/s. 

The Birdbone ABS1-4DC is a lightweight, rugged 180mm 4" prop FPV freestyle/race mini-quad.  The frame has mounting holes for large (30.5mm) and small (20mm) FC stacks.  It can also fit dual 20mm stacks.  The motor mount holes can accommodate any motor with a 12 to 16mm M2 bolt circle (typical). 

Printing (General):  I prefer Hatchbox ABS for the arms and upper plate due to it's very high impact strength, low density/weight, and low cost.  Sainsmart TPU is preferred for the cam mounts due to it's low price and relatively high stiffness for a TPU.  Always dry your ABS and TPU thoroughly before use.

Printing (ABS arms):  I use three layer walls with 9% hex infill for the arms (part weight comes out at 55 grams typical).   To prevent warp on the arms, I use and recommend an enclosure kept at a steady, uninterrupted 40-50C (could be as simple as a cardboard box). 

Printing (ABS upper plate):   I use 20% infill with three layer walls for both the top plate (part weight comes out at 8 grams typical),  I print this part upside-down, as shown in the slicer screenshot provided.

Printing (TPU parts):    Only a left-hand side cam mount is provided, so you’ll need to mirror it in your slicer to get the right-hand side.  I use 20% infill with three layer walls for the TPU cam mounts (part weight comes out at 4 grams typical for left and right sides together).   I do not use any support or brim (too hard to remove afterward) in the orientation shown in the slicer screenshot.

My setup:  I use a dual 20mm stack arrangement.  The rear stack is a HGLRC F440 V2 FC stack running Betaflight with aTBS Unify Pro 5G8 V3 video transmitter and a Lumenier AXII U.FL 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP).  The forward stack is a RunCam Split Mini camera stack topped with a Lemon RX  Diversity Satellite receiver (no case).   My motors are currently BrotherHobby Avenger 1507-3600KV's.  I'm flying 3s 1300mAh Tattu R-Line 75C and Tattu R-Line LiPo 1300mAh 14.8V 95C 4S lipos strapped with a Lumenier Large Lipo Strap (Rubber Grip).  My setup weights 210 grams (no lipo).


QTY=8:  8mm M3 screws for the standoffs.

QTY=4:  Knurled 25mm standoffs.

QTY=8:  8mm M2 screws for the dual 20mm stacks (or M3's if you're using a single 30.5mm stack).

Optional/Recommended:  Miscellaneous M2  F-F standoffs (assuming a 20mm stack)

Optional/Recommended:  Miscellaneous M2 M-F standoffs (assuming a 20mm stack)

Optional/Recommended;  Miscellaneous M2 hardware (assuming a 20mm stack)

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Birdbone ABS1-4DC Arms v1.0 083018.stl
1.71 MB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Top Plate v1.0 083018.stl
97.4 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC 20mm Blank Plate v1.0 083018.stl
15.5 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Antenna Mount 5mm v1.0 092218.stl
154 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side 6.1mm v1.0 092218.stl
45.5 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side 5mm v1.0 092218.stl
44 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Antenna Mount Hex v1.0 092218.stl
156 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Antenna Mount 6.1mm v1.0 092218.stl
161 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side Hex v1.0 092318.stl
30.9 KB
ABS1-4DC CLI Dump 093018.txt
14.4 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC M3 Large Motor Arms v1.0 100818.stl
1.83 MB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side - Micro Size (19mm) v1.0 050619.stl
44 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side - Mini Size (21mm) v1.1 050619.stl
44.8 KB
Birdbone ABS1-4DC Cam Mount Left Side - Full Size (28mm) v1.0 050619.stl
195 KB


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